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Lord of the Rings’ Crypto Blocked under JRR Tolkien’s Trademark Violation: The ‘LORD OF THE RINGS’ Crypto Currency was created and promoted back in August 2021. According to the developer of the Crypto, the ‘JRR TOKEN’ is a tribute to the late author JRR Tolkien. The family members of the author state that the digital token was set up for the developer’s personal commercial gain and have claimed that there is a trademark violation as the crypto uses the domain name ‘Jrrtoken.com’. The family had approached WIPO in relation to trademark infringement and WIPO ruled that the domain name was confusingly...

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IP News Weekly Update – 31 Aug 2021

IPR News update - 31 Aug

V Guard Industries Ltd. Vs. Sukan Raj Jain and Anr – Delhi High Court The Plaintiff, a proprietor from Kerala manufactures and markets electrical goods under the mark ‘V-Guard’ across the country and furthermore has a subordinate (supply) office in Delhi. The Plaintiff instituted a trademark infringement action before the Delhi High Court against the Defendant for using the mark ‘N-Guard’ with respect to machines electronics, electronic, electrical parts, etc. The Court has issued an ex parte ad interim injunction against the Defendant. The Defendant challenged the territorial jurisdiction by stating that no cause of action arose within the Courts’ jurisdiction....

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