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Founder’s Vision

Surana & Surana International Attorneys


P.S. Surana founded this firm on seven principles which he followed since his young days and every member
of the firm has been trained to follow, namely:

We exist for the success of our clients – “to defend (them) and to destroy (their problems)”. To add value to their operations in Legal, Financial, Operational, Management functions.

Be available for the client at any time of the day or night. P.S. Surana realized the importance of immediate response and quick results for the clients and community. There is a premium for speedy response.

A “Bullet-proof” legal opinion is of no use if the case drags on for decades. Constantly focus on small & immediate Interim Reliefs through interim applications and negotiations with stake holders to help client have fund flow and working capital. If a settlement is in the interest of a client, then advice the client without hesitation and hand hold him or her to ensure a “best-in-circumstances” settlement. Be practical.

It is the mother of all virtues. Hear the client patiently. Constantly maintain focus on outcomes. Avoid haste. “Patient & Steady” wins the race.

Due to these principles, the firm has earned a fame for honesty, reliability, efficiency & effectiveness. – Dr. Vinod Surana

Always personalize your service for each client. “One size fits all” will not always work in law. Personalized services are the most effective, appreciated & rewarded.

Precision is very important for law firms. Accurately perceive (the problem) and correctly express your thoughts (orally & in writing). This requires a calm mind, sharp focus on outcomes and lots of homework. Keeping everything simple & functional is one of the traits of a successful lawyer.

Last and most vital “when character is lost everything is lost.” Principles are vital. This firm does not work for the alcohol, tobacco, meat processing and gambling industries.


What we are Best At
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Corporate
  • Intellectual Property
  • Real Estate
  • Defense
  • Regulatory Advisory
  • Tax
  • Cyber
  • Environmental
  • Commercial

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