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Featured in this section are a selection of articles on various topics, both of legal and non-legal nature.
  • Sound Mark – Ring a bell?

    Protection of a sound as a trademark is an emerging trend and all necessary resources are in the making towards optimally achieving it. Although, the Trade Marks Rules, 2017 provides express provisions to obtain registration of a sound mark, the adequacy of such provisions leaves behind numerous question in the mind of a defender and enforcer. ...


    Indiradevi Kollipara IP Division Surana & Surana International Attorneys Arbitrability of disputes, in a jurisprudential context has been affirmed in the precedents provided by the Supreme Court and High Court of much judicature. The present case reported on March 2nd, 2021 sets forth the arbitrability of disputes pertaining to Intellectual Property (hereinafter ‘IP’) that are within the scope of contractual obligations. DEVELOPMENT OF ARBITRABILITY OF IP DISPUTES IN INDIA: A JURISPRUDENTIAL OVERVIEW: The jurisprudence underlying the arbitrability of IP disputes in India have been dema...

  • Direct Selling Business Model – Bane or Boon?

    Aparna Venkat Associate, Surana & Surana International Attorneys An increasing number of companies now rely on e-commerce strategies for selling and reaching out to customers. Online channels eliminate the need to physically run a shop. This pattern brings together companies that offer products with different segments of customers who can potentially buy the said products. On one hand, customers benefit from higher accessibility, and on the other hand, companies benefit from a cheap and easy to maintain sales channel. In other word, it is an “Online Supermarket”. However, the question ...

  • Agriculture and Intellectual Property Rights

    By N. VigneshKumaran B.E. Associate Surana & Surana International Attorneys Introduction Agriculture is the process of producing food, feed, fiber and many other desired products by the cultivation of certain plants and the raising of domesticated animals (livestock). Traditionally, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) did not play a significant role in the agriculture sector. However, in recent times, this position has changed and agriculture is increasingly seen as an industry that cannot survive without research and development, which has made it necessary that IPR in all its forms be ext...


    By Dr. Vinod Surana Overview A patent is an exclusive right granted by a sovereign authority for an invention. It can be a product, process, a novelty or an improvement, or a solution to a problem. It plays an essential role in encouraging innovation and developments across all sectors. Inventors gain exclusive rights to the process or design for a fixed period (which varies per jurisdiction), In exchange, the creator must provide particulars regarding the invention. Patents both incentivize and protect companies in research and development. The exclusivity granted by patents allows monopolist...