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Financial incentives for certification and Intellectual Property Rights reimbursement scheme notified by the Goa government This scheme of the government is part of the State Incentives to Encourage Investments Scheme, 2017 with an object to make the existing market more competitive and efficient both at a domestic and an international level. This scheme encourages the units which are based in Goa in relation to industries, academic institutions and hospitals to obtain certification from reputed certifying agencies and the department would reimburse 100% of the actual expenditure per certification upto 8 Lakhs and a cap of 15 Lakhs has been fixed for...

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IP News Updates – July 28, 2021

IPR News

CJEU affirms Pirelli’s tyre groove trade mark The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has settled the long pending dispute between Pirelli & Yokohama as regards the validity of Pirelli’s tyre groove trade mark registered in Class 12 in respect of tyre products & related accessories. CJEU has affirmed the validity of the said trade mark based on the fact that the trade mark is in respect of a single groove which, by itself, is not capable of producing any technical result. Re-establishment of IPAB recommended by Bipartisan Parliamentary Committee on Commerce The parliamentary committee has recommended re-establishment of the IPAB...

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