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Sai Meera .D - Principal Associate & Patent Agent, Intellectual Property Although we are looking at adopting and adapting to AI both in our daily lives and making maximum use in professional lives. AI's path to mainstream adoption is riddled with hurdles in development, deployment, and use. Overcoming these challenges is key to unlocking its true potential. Though promising, AI faces roadblocks across its lifecycle. To truly integrate it into our world, we must tackle issues from creation to application. AI's practical successes like Tesla's self-driving cars and fraud detection systems shine a spotlight on its potential. However, acknowledging the challenges...

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IPR News update template - 20 Sep

Protection of the Aaj Tak trademark Protection of the Aaj Tak trademark Delhi High Court granted an interim injunction to Living Media Limited, the parent company of the Aaj Tak brand and ordered Google and Facebook to block the four defendants and also extended its order to 25 different websites, carrying infringing brands.  Hon'ble Mr. Justice Suresh Kumar Kait impleaded these 25 websites and the domain registrars, the order blocks in the interim the use of  Aaj Tak Live, Aaj Tak IndiaNews, E-Aaj Tak. Trademark Ownership over Greek Alphabets Trademark Ownership over Greek Alphabets Affinity Client Services apparently hold trademarks in the UK over the...

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