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National Conference on Intellectual Property for National Growth

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National Conference on Intellectual Property for National Growth

National Conference On Intellectual Property For National Growth

Inspite of growing awareness about the importance of intellectual property protection among corporates, practical information about what IP strategies and filings are best for corporate growth, remains low. The conference aimed at educating corporates on the various government schemes for MSMEs, Indian Patent and Trademark Office practices, and various approaches to effective IP filing and enforcement.

The conference was organised by Surana & Surana International Attorneys in association with Intellectual Property Bar of India Trust, supported by Hindustan Chamber of Commerce & The Tamil Chamber of Commerce.

In his inaugural Address by Dr Vinod Surana, Managing Partner & CEO, Surana & Surana International Attorneys said, “Creation and protection of IPR is a subject close to my heart. Historically, innovation is the foundation of all human progress. Research shows that innovation and prosperity have always gone hand in hand. Competent professional expertise is required to consolidate and maximise gains from IPR. IPR is a powerful geo political tool.”

The first Opening Remarks were given by Mr K. Suresh, President, Hindustan Chamber of Commerce, who said, “The IPR rights are territorial rights that can be registered with a legal entity in some presentable or tangible form which can be sold or licensed. It gives a secured investment for the investors, scientists, artists, traders, etc., to foster innovation.”

Mr. Chozha Nachiyar Rajasekhar, President, Tamil Chamber of Commerce, gave the second Opening Remarks. He said, “Since IP is a valuable asset for business, its protection is important for corporate growth. IP is the backbone of any modern organization. It provides both shield and sword for protection. IP protection safeguards one’s original works via legal methods.”

Keynote Speakers:

Mr. C N Shashidhara, Joint Controller, Indian Patent Office said, “We focus on startups and small industries. Most corporates evolve from startups or as a small industry. In Japan, today’s big names like Hitachi and Mitsubishi began as startups. Inventions have to be first filed for protection of their inventor’s intellectual property.”

Ms. R Sindhuja, Trade Mark Examiner, Indian Trade Mark Registry said,  “Contrary to the Patent registration process (when it is prudent for an inventor to first register his work), in Trade Marks, we tell the clients to proclaim to the world at large and then come to us for Trade Mark protection.”

Expert Speakers:

Ms. Lakshmidevi Somanath, Head – IP Practice, Surana & Surana International Attorneys said, “Speaking of IP Protection and monetization, you need to ask yourself, do you want to reap all the benefits from all your inventions, or share it with others? If you do not protect your brand, then someone from down the line, a small entity who will gradually grow into a big one, will take the lead from your hard earned work.”

Ms. Preethi Kitchappa, Head-Legal, TVS Supply Chain Solutions said,  “Brands and branding are two separate entities. The purpose of a brand is to connect you and the person who wants to buy the product. Your success lies on how well the consumer can recall your brand.”

Prof Dr Satyendra Patnaik, Head -Amity Innovation Incubator & Professor, Amity University said, “Innovation and patenting are important for startups and growing companies.”

Ms. Deepalakshmi Vadivelan, General Counsel & Vice President – Legal, Quess Corp Limited said,  “The principle of trade mark law lies in the heart of territoriality. Country specific rights need to be taken care of by the corporate entity.”

Mr. N Surya Senthil, Head – IP Litigation, Surana & Surana International Attorneys: “The reason why you file an IP Infringement is to stop any possible violation of your rights. If you have an invention or a property that needs intellectual protection, no one will notice you unless you shout from the roof tops for the public to know. But, protection is very important.”

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